Falcon Personal Security is a professional education and training organization focused on preparing clients with the foundational and specialized skills to safely and responsibly manage their own personal safety needs and those of their loved ones.

photo placeholderThe Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller U.S. Supreme Court decision provided further clarification with the Court ruling that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes such as self-defense. Falcon Personal Security fully supports this right through careful and comprehensive training in the use of firearms.

Falcon Personal Security is proud to be a corporate affiliate of the National Rifle Association. You can join, renew, or upgrade your membership by clicking here   or on the link on the right of this page.

Falcon Personal Security offers a range of training courses and services appropriate for individuals and families, businesses, and church security concerns.

Firearms Instruction

We consistently experience three levels of shooters in our firearms training courses:

  1. The Enthusiast. These shooters enjoy guns and shooting and typically own a variety of firearms. They generally have a high experience level with the skill and a breadth of knowledge to match and are comfortable with their weapons of choice, on the range and off. Many at this level often custom-make their own ammo and components. Some Enthusiasts are hunters, some competitive shooters, some collectors, some law enforcement and security professionals, and most a combination of these and more.
  2. The Responsibly Prepared. Shooters that fit into this category are those that see the wisdom of owning a firearm and knowing how to use it properly. They might own one, maybe two, firearms, primarily for the purpose of self-defense and protection. While they may or may not enjoy shooting and they may or may not be knowledgeable about their own firearm(s), they generally display confidence and responsibility in its use, care and safe storage.
  3. The Novice. This category describes those who have little to no experience with firearms but (a) feel they need to learn to use them for their own protection, and/or (b) are encouraged by a family member or friend to learn to use them for their own protection. Their knowledgebase regarding firearm use is minimal, if it exists at all. Often these shooters are afraid of guns, but we’ve also seen many at this level who enjoy the entire learning experience and process and go on to become shooting enthusiasts.

Our schedule provides courses and modules appropriate for all experience levels, skill sets, and a variety of interests. Most courses include a classroom component with hands-on range time. A presentation of the current and pertinent State and Federal laws is an integral part of every course.

Security Consultant

Falcon Personal Security will conduct a comprehensive security survey of your place of business and make recommendations in the form of a security plan. The security plan will include suggestions to enhance plant security as well as for precautionary and defensive actions that will improve and augment the safeguards currently in place. This would include strategies for identifying potential threats and defensive actions.

Church Security Team Training

With the frequent occurrences of unprovoked violence and vandalism against places of worship, many churches and worship centers are adopting a volunteer security team model, with the intent to mitigate this threat. Falcon Personal Security has developed a training curriculum designed specifically for volunteer security and safety teams. This training prepares a group of volunteers with a variety of experience levels and motivations to work together with a unified purpose and mission. This course will provide an excellent operating foundation by providing clarity, organization, and best practices to newly initiated programs and effect positive changes in existing programs.

Take a closer look at all Falcon Personal Security has to offer. If you want to beprepared through knowledge, skill, and attitude; if you want to proficiently operate a firearm in any situation; if you value being poised and confident in all settings and circumstances; and if you want to be ready to protect if necessary, consider Falcon Personal Security.

Military veterans and active-duty and their dependents and citizens 65 years and older are eligible for discounts.

Family discounts and course package discounts are available