Report 19, Why Support the National Rifle Association of America

There are a number of politicians that blame the NRA for many of the ills we are experiencing in America. They look at a home invader who gets shot and killed by a homeowner as the “victim.” They look at the dead home invader as the victim because the homeowner owned a gun, and is […]

Report 18 Why Do We Continue Training?

Why did you first seek firearm training? Is it to get ready to shoot a National Match course at the National Competition at Camp Perry, Ohio, or to be prepared to defend yourself and your family? It is admirable to be trained in the use of any tool but why do we continue training? The […]

Report 17 The Garland Shooting and the Value of Training

On 4 May 2015, two Islamist wannabes decided to avenge all Muslims by shooting up the Mohammed Cartoon event in Garland, Texas. I have written numerous times about the Muslim mindset and the problems I have with it. However, today I want to take a look at the officer who stopped the attack and what […]