Report 52: Repressive Colorado Gun Laws

There are currently 25 states in the US who have Constitutional Carry; that means that you do not have to have a permit to carry your every-day concealed handgun. Three more states are rapidly moving forward to joining this list, Florida, Nebraska, and South Carolina. That will make 28 states who understand the value of allowing citizens the God-given right to self-protection. They understand that we, as citizens, are our own First Responders in the event of a violent action. The police will show up to take the after action report.

However, the Democrat Socialist legislators and Democrat Socialist governor of Colorado do not believe we are citizens. They consider us Coloradans as subjects. One difference between a citizen and a subject is that a citizen has the right to be armed and a subject does not. The Democrat Socialist super-majority in Denver is on the verge of taking our Second Amendment rights away from us. They do not believe that Coloradans need to be able to protect themselves.

Current laws expected to go into effect this year include banning all semi-automatic firearms, expanding the Red Flag law, enacting a three-day waiting period to purchase a firearm, allowing victims to sue firearms dealers and manufacturers for the actions of felons. Does that mean I can sue Ford if a drunk driver hits me?

Colorado citizens can testify until they are blue in the face against these bills but the Democrat Socialists in Denver will NEVER hear, much less heed what we say, for to them, we are subjects.

I’m sure that I, as a Second Amendment advocate, a loyal American, and firearms and personal protection instructor, will be on their list of enemies. It is just a matter of time. I am grieved to see what the Soros/Bloomberg organization has done to our state.