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Security is not just a concern of major companies with thousands of employees. Falcon Personal Security views “security” as the quality and state of being prepared to protect one’s business from anything that poses a threat to the day-to-day operation of and the viability of that business. Falcon Personal Security can explain and help you implement an Operational Security (OPSEC) plan, for instance, what information may your employees reveal about your travel arrangements, etc. Loose OPSEC can not only jeopardize your company’s business but can put personnel in danger. Therefore, the Small Business Security Survey is conducted with the objective of preventing loss to business, not only from malefactors but also due to natural disasters, normal wear and tear on the facilities, and OPSEC.

Reports about small businesses experiencing robberies, break-ins, or violent invasions frequently make media headlines. But what happens when a customer is walking up to your door and slips on the ice that had not been cleared, or uses the rest room and slips on the wet floor from a leaking pipe? A law suit can quickly put your company in jeopardy.

Business security is not just for the brick-and-mortar businesses. Home-based businesses have just as much need for business security, and even more, than the brick-and-mortar stores. Home-based businesses are concerned about the family as well. The Personal Protection In The Home course can easily include protecting your business as well as the home.


Falcon Personal Security will conduct a basic, thorough, customized Security Survey for your business. This survey will consist of interviews with key personnel, concentrating on:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Cyber Security
  • Electrical Safety
  • Elevators/Lifts
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Exits
  • Fire Protection
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Housekeeping
  • Insurance
  • Kitchen Facilities (if installed)
  • Outside Groups/Repair Contractors
  • Playground Equipment (if installed)
  • Slip and Fall Prevention
  • Water Damage
  • Overall Threat Analysis

After the survey is completed, the client will receive a detailed report addressing all areas of concern. The client then will be armed with the necessary information to decide if these areas are of sufficient concern to address, or if the risk involved is acceptable.

Follow-on products may be desired by the client based on the survey results and recommendations. Available additional products include:

  • Security Plan (OPSEC Plan included)
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Continuation of Operations Plan
  • Cyber Security Plan
  • Other plans deemed necessary

All plans are drafted to the level of detail required/desired by the client.

Clients who opt for a more in-depth plan could also receive, based on the contract:

  1. A written opinion regarding risks, liabilities, and recourse
  2. Oversight of plant security system installation and/or brokerage of the same
  3. Summary of internal personnel concerns
  4. Business Watch initiation and facilitation of first two meetings
  5. Personal protection and firearm training for key personnel
  6. In-service training for key personnel
  7. Additional information and professional services as requested.
  8. Detailed evacuation maps

Recommendations and strategies are not to be considered final, ultimate solutions for all situations but rather a starting point from which to develop you own best approach. The more thoroughly you plan how to respond to a threat, the better you are able to improvise when and where necessary.

Falcon Personal Security can provide Project Management services to facilitate the completion of your security upgrades.


Falcon Personal Security will negotiate a contract for a Security Survey/Review with the business owner or his/her legal representative.

Neighborhood Watch

photo placeholderThe Neighborhood Watch is an outstanding police and sheriff sponsored program that has shown to significantly reduce crime in neighborhoods. As a public service we will come out to any Neighborhood Watch meetings to discuss different threats and ways to mitigate those threats.

Business Watch

photo placeholderBusinesses often have the same security concerns as residential neighborhoods in addition to the normal concern of merchandise theft. Extending our public service, we will consult with business groups to assist them with ways to mitigate those security concerns. This free service is normally conducted with a number of businesses in the same area.