Report 55, Taxes

Well, how did you make it through tax-day? I’m sure you are just as thrilled as me how our tax dollars are being used. I’ll just hit some of the highlights.

Afghanistan: $1.4B

Burma (Myanmar, a repressive dictatorship): $208M

Congo (Brazzaville, a repressive dictatorship): $10M

Congo (Kinshasa, a repressive dictatorship): $907M

Cuba (a repressive dictatorship): $7M

Ethiopia (a repressive dictatorship): $2.2B

Djibouti (a Chinese puppet): $46M

Haiti (controlled by gangs): $309M

Lebanon (home of Hezbollah): $640M

Mexico (home of earth’s major drug cartels): $231M

Qatar (an oil-rich nation): $450M

Saudi Arabia (an oil-rich nation): $303M

Somalia (a failed state; run by gangs): $1.1B

Ukraine (involved in a war of attrition that may or may not be won): $12.4B

Venezuela (once the strongest economy on the planet, now run by Communists): 210M

West Bank and Gaza (terrorist regimes): $150M

Yemen (involved in a civil war for the past several decades): $1.4B

I did not list Israel because they are surrounded by enemies as well as being attacked by forces around the world. The US is currently supplying them with $3.3B in foreign military aid.

These are not my figures but just what the Foreign Assistance website lists, and this is just a short list.

As of February, of this year, Democrat governors and mayors have earmarked at least $517M for programs for illegal immigrants. That’s states monies, not federal. Federal financial contribution to the illegal immigrants is upwards from $1.9T, (Fox news). This includes one-time cash grants worth $1,000/immigrant.

Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your heart to know that your hard-earned dollars are going to such worthy endeavors?

Looking at how much of your money goes out in taxes, it is estimated, conservatively, that over 50% of your earnings goes to one tax or another. Let’s look at some of the taxes we pay:

Income tax (we work for it but the government believes it is theirs)

Gas tax (hooray for electric cars who don’t have to pay this)

Property tax (a rent we pay to government to live on our own property)

Sales tax (further degrading our income that is already taxed)

Automobile tax (just for the privilege of leaving our homes)

Social Security tax (yes it really is a tax; you will never get it all back)

Capital Gains tax (for being smart in investing your money)

Corporate taxes (you didn’t really believe corporations pay this did you?)

Inheritance and Gift taxes (because someone had the audacity to die)

This is just a short list of taxes that we Americans pay. There is a favorite saying that once someone is elected to congress or the state legislature, they start spending our money like drunken sailors. Well, I resent that. I used to be a drunken sailor and I never spent what I did not have on me.

Our legislators, state and federal, look at the average American as their own personal bank account. I keep hearing that at some point there will be a tax revolt. When is that supposed to happen or are we in the “frog in the pot” mode? Our legislators are confiscating money that is not theirs and using it for nefarious purposes, not of our choosing. At what point will the American public stand up and say “ENOUGH.”


  1. Excellent work and thanks for putting it together. Obama administration is still in force to fundamental change the USA. Sad 😥 😔

  2. When I was on the floor of the House of Representatives I objected to the phrase of “spending like drunken sailors”

    Speaking as a formerly drunken sailor, I was spending my own money and when I ran out, I stopped spending!

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