Report 7: Your Everyday Carry, Part 4 – Your Mode of Dress

In this report I will discuss your mode of dress for your everyday carry. Your mode of dress should reflect your normal day-to-day life. This is very doable with a little thought. A good resource is to talk to people who carry on a daily basis. They can give you tips on what works for […]

Report 6: Your Everyday Carry, Part 3 – The Holster

In this report I will discusses holster options for your everyday carry. As with everything connected with your everyday carry, holster preference and comfort is a personal choice. Just as with gun choice, there are “experts” who will tell you that you must use this type or brand of holster. While it may be worth […]

Report 5: Your Everyday Carry, Part 2 – The Ammunition

In the last report I discussed the gun, the size, type, and caliber. In this report I will discusses the ammunition recommended for personal protection as well as practice. Everyday carry: For personal protection it is best to carry a good quality personal protection cartridge. These normally have jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullets. The purpose […]

Report 4: Your Everyday Carry, Part 1 – The Gun

So, you have completed your Basic Pistol class and have applied for a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). You are now considering what firearm you are going to carry. This report discusses the process to choose a gun for personal protection that will be carried on the person, and we’ll consider concealability, weapon caliber, and weapon […]