The NRA CCW Course was designed by NRA Instructors for NRA Instructors and their students. It is a great complement to other NRA Education and Training courses, and will be a valuable credential to hold.

The NRA CCW Course—a modular program adaptable to all 50 states—does not replace current NRA training courses. Rather, it complements existing NRA courses and, most importantly, streamlines the process into a single course for students wishing to apply for a CCW permit in their states. 

In some “May Issue” states, fulfilling the training requirements may not be enough to grant a CCW, but the NRA CCW Course is designed to meet the training requirements for applicants. And much as each state adheres to its own restrictions regarding concealed-carry protocol (Constitutional Carry, Shall Issue, May Issue), training prerequisites also vary, ranging from no required training all the way to a state-specified level of proficiency on a firing range. Until now, the onus has fallen on potential CCW applicants to independently research available classes that satisfy any training prerequisites in their state.  

Currently certified NRA Pistol Instructors can take the two-day instructor course, which consists of both classroom and range time. There is also a marksmanship test. Those who pass will earn the NRA CCW Instructor Credential, and will be able to teach this new course to students.

The cost of this course is $300.