Defensive Pistol Coach

Defensive Pistol Coach

The Defensive Pistol Coach course is designed to take a shooter who has their Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) to the next level. The training criteria for a CHP in Colorado is the Basic Pistol Course. You don’t even have to go to the range to learn how to use a handgun. This is the same as putting someone through a four hour truck driving course without even stepping into the cab of a truck and turning them loose on the road with an 18 wheeler.

To bring the average CHP holder up to a level of competence there are a number of options. First is the Personal Protection Outside the Home. (The prerequisite for the PPOTH course is the Personal Protection In the Home course.) This involves one full day of classroom discussion on the best ways to stay safe when you are out and about, and a day at the range practically applying what was learned in class.

The next way is to take the NRA Defensive Pistol course. This is two full days of shooting under qualified instruction to learn how to draw the gun from concealed and use it to defend yourself. This course comes very close to the concept of the Defensive Pistol Coach.

The Defensive Pistol Coaching program is objectives-based specifically for shooters who want to work toward unconscious competence.

The first step of the Defensive Pistol Coach program is to interview the client to determine what are their needs and requirements. Between the client and the coach, a training plan is established. This training plan is the road map to the client’s competence. Any deviation from this road map is agreed upon by both the client and the coach.

The goal of this coaching program is to lead the client to become “unconsciously competent” with their EDC handgun for their personal protection.

Cost for the Defensive Pistol Coach course is dependent on the requirements of the student. The Coach and the student will develop the course together. The base price for the coaching session is $50/hour with a two-hour minimum. Time starts when the instruction starts.