Defensive Pistol Coaching Seminar

There is a fine line between teaching and coaching. Teaching is imparting new knowledge and skills on students. Coaching is refining that knowledge and those skills to a point approaching unconscious competence. Falcon Personal Security offers a special course for firearms instructors that concentrates on coaching skills as opposed to teaching skills.

It is the responsibility of the coach to understand the different ways that coaching clients learn as well as developing a “way forward” for each client. The focus of this course is to develop coaches with these abilities.

The Defensive Pistol Coaching Seminar is an objectives-based program specifically for pistol instructors who are certified to teach the Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH). This course takes the skills taught in the PPOTH course and teaches instructors to fine-tune a student’s skills to make the client more competent and confident with their everyday carry (EDC) gun. The Defensive Pistol Coaching program will make Defensive Pistol Instructors more effective.

The seminar consists of two days in the classroom and one day on the range putting into practice those skills learned in the classroom. This class is for experienced instructors who want to take their skills to a higher level.

The cost for this class is $450.