Report 48: Can You Stop A Shooter?

There has been a great deal of discussion, pro and con, about the Second Amendment over the past several months. Three mass shootings, that I can think of off the top of my head, has a lot of people talking about taking our guns away and a lot of people saying “come and get ‘em.” Obviously, I don’t understand the first. Not a single one of the mass shooters would have been stopped by another gun law. Also, every one of these mass shootings took place in a gun-free zone. That one, I really don’t understand.

Let’s look at what would have really stopped the shooters. The most effective counter to a mass shooter is a responsibly armed citizen who is trained. Let me repeat that last part again, a responsibly armed citizen who is trained. Let me ask you a question. Assuming you are a responsibly armed citizen, with your current level of training and practice, if confronted by a bad guy wanting to do harm, could you confidently deploy your every-day carry handgun and deal with the threat effectively? Do you have the confidence in your ability to put rounds on target with the first two shots?

Even if you reached that level of competency this time last year, have you kept up the practice, live and dry, to the point that you could effectively protect yourself and your family? Shooting is a perishable skill. Even the most experienced marksmen have to maintain practice and training.

I urge each of you to seek out the appropriate advanced training if you are already a Concealed Handgun Permit holder. If not, begin your training and work toward what I like to call “unconscious competence.”

Falcon Personal Security is ready to help get you there.

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