Church Security Team Training

Incidents of violence against worship and ministry centers have increased in the past several years. photo placeholderThe explanations for this upswing are varied; differences in ideology, and culture, retribution and other criminal activity, to name a few, have been cited for the violence. Whatever the reason, it must be dealt with in such a way as to not discredit the mission of the church.

We must deal with incidents of violence

Carrying out the mission of the Security Team can be a difficult balance because of the mission of the church as a whole. As a general rule bodies of faith welcome and encourage any who wish to come, making churches vulnerable “soft targets.”  Reinforcing this perception of vulnerability is that churches are benevolent institutions which do not actively employ security measures.

Also on the rise is the incidence of churches establishing their own security teams often integrated with safety teams. For this reason Falcon Personal Security has developed a church security team training curriculum. This course delves into such topics as developing the Security Plan, the Church Security Mindset, and Security Strategies. If your church decides to use a strategy of armed volunteer members we can help team members develop the requisite skills to seamlessly blend into the church setting. We can assist in Firearms/Ammunition Selection, and Defensive Shooting Skills. Extensive range drills, many of which will be tailored to the individual church security requirements and problem sets, can be included in the course.

Security and Safety Teams often combined

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We have included an excellent section on the legal requirements and ramifications of operating a security team. In today’s litigious society the temptation is to view everything from a liability standpoint. However, as important as that is, we place an emphasis on the necessity of the team to safeguard the church and all who come to worship.

We have developed this course to assist in the development and training of church security teams to mesh with the overall goal of churches to minister to God’s people. Our philosophy is that a church’s security team is focused on ensuring that the church is a friendly and welcoming venue for the study and worship of God. The length and cost of this course will be determined by the church’s training requirements.

Additionally we can assist your church with establishing qualification standards for your team members, as well as administrating standards testing and keeping the training and certification records for your team.

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