Report 12: Civil Unrest and Jihad, a Linkage?

As a departure from my normal type of report, I am inspired to take keyboard in hand to bang out an editorial. This is not going to be a comprehensive discussion of the situation that has taken place in Ferguson, MO over the past couple of weeks but rather my thoughts on the causes and possible outcomes from the riots. I will also attempt to show linkage to outside organizations that are intent on doing harm to the US.

What has happened since the grand jury reported that there would be no indictment? The people, mostly blacks, have torn much of the town apart, destruction reminiscent of the Rodney King riots. They are justifying their actions by saying that there is no justice for black and/or poor people. This must be true because the businesses they are destroying and looting are run and staffed by blacks and poor people. Most of the businesses are mom and pop stores in their own community. A liquor store, a meat market and a McDonalds were all looted and destroyed. I don’t know if the McDonalds was a franchise or a company store, but surely, the company did not import outside workers to staff it. So that proves that there is no justice for the black and poor people of Ferguson, the rioters just proved it. This is only a small sampling of the destruction inflicted by and on the poor of Ferguson.

This rioting spread to many other cities in America. The news has reported on riots in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Denver, to mention a few. As reported and shown on news footage, this is a golden opportunity for the poor to get what is owed them in the form of free liquor, meat, TVs, and other goods that they are owed at the expense of the private mom and pop businesses in their neighborhood. By the way, there was one news clip that showed a group of business owners at a strip mall in Ferguson who stood outside their stores with their own weapons to protect their property. Surprisingly enough the rioters thought better about attacking those stores and they came out of it without a scratch. The same thing happened in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. Please stop and think about that for a minute.

It seems that a number of people have decided that the Ferguson riots provide a golden opportunity to do some race-baiting and recruiting of their own. My focus in this situation is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). It seems that several factions of CAIR have come on scene to take advantage of the situation. Some folks believe that CAIR may have been the instigators of the riots, but I don’t think they got there in time to start them; they just exploited them for their own purposes. The link here discusses this incursion by the jihadists. This is a piece by Theodore Shoebat. I assume Theodore is the son of Walid Shoebat, a well-known former Muslim who became a Christian. Please take time to read and watch the video.

While the events in Ferguson with regards to the jihadists are unsettling, the overall efforts by Islamists in the US are truly disturbing. I recently attended a briefing by LTG Jerry Boykin and Kamal Saleem, another well-known former jihadist who became a Christian. The Islamists in the US currently have over 35 terrorist training camps in our country; the closest to Colorado Springs is near Grand Junction. When you look at who is actually behind the terrorist training camps and the recruiting of jihadists in Ferguson and prisons and jails around the country, it all goes back to CAIR. The only relationship CAIR wants to foster is the subjugation of our way of life to Islam. If you take it back one more step, you will see that the backer of CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood. This is an organization that has been labeled by numerous Islamic states and others around the world as a terrorist organization. In fact, there is a bill before the US House of Representatives, HR 5194, to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a designated terrorist organization. The language in this bill specifically lists CAIR as a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization.

The events in Ferguson play very nicely into the operational mode of CAIR recruiting. They take down-trodden and disadvantaged (in their eyes) people and provide a sympathetic shoulder on which to cry. These people see a “family” that provides them with support, much the same way street gangs recruit youngsters. The training that comes after that is a good discussion topic for a different report.

The events in Ferguson and, by extension, other cities are tragic with innocent lives drastically impacted; the eventual harm to our country is vastly greater. The more successful CAIR is in their recruiting program, the greater the impact. A book that I would recommend that discusses this danger is Muslim Mafia by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry. This book is about five years old and the situation outlined in it has not been addressed. In fact, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have been able to continue on their planned course of action unabated. Our only current course of action is to ensure that HR 5194 is passed and a massive crackdown, just as we did in the ‘50s with the Communists. In the 50s the House Un-American Activities committee concentrated on individuals with ties to the Communist Party of America and the Soviet Union. At that time, as now, the Communists were seen as a threat to our country and way of life. We now have an added threat, the world-wide jihad movement. HR 5194 is a start to addressing this threat.