Report 27 Republicans and Donald Trump

Well, the election is over and everyone, at least Republicans, is relieved and happy, or are they? I will be the first to admit that Donald Trump was not my first choice for a number of reasons but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton should not now or ever be our president. Since my first choice bowed gracefully, well kind of, out of the presidential picture after the official Republican nomination process had selected Mr. Trump, I have supported our nominee and now president-elect. He is the one hope we have to get our country back on track.

But there now many so-called Republicans that are looking to find every little nitnoy they can to criticize Mr. Trump. When he was talking to Mr. Romney about the possibility of appointment to Secretary of State they were screaming from their roof-tops. I’ll admit that I was a bit concerned myself but let’s look at Mr. Trump’s record as a business man. He obviously has keen insights into how an individual will perform in a certain position, whether it is as a door man or a CEO. His instincts have proven this out for decades. He obviously saw something in Romney that we didn’t see. However, it wasn’t to be and he has chosen the CEO of Exon-Mobile. The more I hear about his choices and his decision-making process the more I’m impressed with his instincts. The liberals in Congress and around the country are scared to death that he will establish a cabinet and, by extension, an executive branch staffed with people of abilities far exceeding those who have gone before.

When I am talking about liberals in Congress and around the country, I’m not just talking about Democrats. I’m also talking about the so-called Republicans who, for whatever reason, have decided that Mr. Trump is the devil incarnate. These are the people I’m addressing; the “Never Trump” crowd. This has always confused me. We found out in 1992 what happens when a “Never Whoever” crowd gravitates toward a third-party candidate. That’s how we got Bill Clinton.

Now, I’m seeing on Face Book supposedly dedicated Republicans who are still in the mode of criticizing everything Mr. Trump does. My question to them is “Why don’t you just quit dithering around and officially change your party affiliation to Liberal. In today’s world, that is Democrat but these people continue to call themselves Conservative. A Conservative is one who wants to conserve the Constitution, not subvert it. Under the laws of the Constitution, Donald Trump won the election. That is the bottom line. It’s not up to us to change it just because we don’t like the results. That is the way infants operate. That is the way liberal colleges teach our new crop of whiners, if you don’t like the results, retroactively change the rules.

As for me, I offer prayers daily for the success of Mr. Trump in this next four (or eight) years. These prayers are half for Mr. Trump and half for me. I want, more than anything for our country, a return to the values and mores of days gone by. Days when the country saw a problem and we pulled together. Picture six draft horses pointed in six different directions all hitched to a central ring but pulling in six different directions. Nothing is accomplished. That is what I see our country doing right now. It is time we “man up” and support our president-elect.