Report 32 Small Business Security Review

Small business owners: When was the last time you have had a security review of your business? I define business security as the mitigation of any hazard that can affect your bottom line. Those hazards may include such things as fire safety, electrical safety, cyber threats, as well as malefactors. These threats can present themselves in a brick and mortar location as well as a home-based business. A small business security review is tailored to the business.

Most of the items I cover in the review are in areas that Falcon Personal Security does not cover. For instance, I am not a cyber expert or a licensed electrician but I have partners who are experts in these fields. There is no obligation for clients to use these partners but they may rest assured that these are professionals in their fields.

One event I tell folks about happened many years ago. I was home on leave around Christmas time and decided that I would give my parents a burglar alarm (we now call it an Intrusion Detection System) for Christmas. I had made the arrangements with the alarm company and was set to have it installed a couple of days after Christmas. When I told my dad about the gift he completely discounted it and said “No.” He saw no reason what-so-ever to have an alarm in our relatively small city. About six months later, he and mom were out of town on a business trip and the house was burgled. The thieves got away with a lot of very expensive jewelry, TVs, and other personal items. The next day, my dad called the alarm company and had a very high-end (for the time) alarm installed. He didn’t need it until he needed it but by that time it was too late.

Unfortunately, many businesses have the same attitude. They are perfectly happy in their security ignorance. They don’t know what they don’t know.

So, what is the benefit of having a security review? The most obvious is that the business can operate with a greater sense of security. The areas covered point out where deficiencies exist and what can be done to correct the deficiencies.

One product that should come out of the security review is a security plan. It doesn’t have to be a major tome, but it needs to address the primary issues of security such as financial handling; deposits, accounting, and audits; operational security (OPSEC); standard operation procedures in the case of a medical emergency or a robbery. The security plan would cover training issues for all the above as well as when and how often key personnel should have first aid and CPR/AED training.

Falcon Personal Security can assist your small business with a security review to give your business an added level of comfort.


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    1. Interesting comment. I would argue that whether you have a brick and mortar retailer/jobber, if you have a home-based business, or a lunch truck, it is worth while to have a security review. The enclosure of your business is irrespective.

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