Report 35, Where is the Outrage?

While we were safe in our beds yesterday morning, Friday, 26 May, a group of Coptic Christians were traveling to a monastery 85 miles south of Cairo, Egypt. The bus was attacked by about 10 Islamic jihadists. The death toll has been put at between 29 and 32 with 13 injured in area hospitals. On Palm Sunday two suicide bombers struck in two Christian churches in the northern Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria, leaving 46 Christians dead [BBC]. All of these attacks have been claimed/attributed to the Islamic State (IS).

It has been over 24 hours since the bus attack and I have been scouring news sources looking for condemnation by the international and US Muslim community. I have yet to find any. The only one seeming to be outraged by this criminal act is Egyptian President Sissi. However, we are told that the jihadists do not represent the vast majority of Muslims around the world. I find this confusing. If the jihadists do not represent the vast majority of Muslims, where is the outrage from the Muslim community?

As I have said many times, silence is approval. There are a few in the Muslim community who fight against this criminal behavior, but they are few and far between.

At what point do we call a spade a spade? The terrorist organization Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) worked tirelessly with the Obama administration to brand anything offensive to them (such as this BLOG) as Islamophobia. It is even a crime in Canada to speak or write critically against Islam. Today, in the US, criticism of Islam is treated harshly. This treatment is pressed by CAIR and the many other Muslim Brotherhood organizations. But when Christians are massacred by jihadists, there is not one peep.

Almost two and a half years ago I wrote on this subject, hoping to raise awareness. You can go back to review that report here. In just the last few days IS has put out a call for lone-wolf attacks by followers during Ramadan, which is just starting. The video seemed to concentrate on Las Vegas, NV, but these calls are normally not limited to just one geographical area. The Department of Homeland security is urging vigilance by all Americans.

It is unrealistic to believe that jihadist attacks specifically against Christians will be limited to Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, or any of the other Muslim nations. If we, Christians, here in the US were to perpetrate such a crime on US soil, the outrage would be heard around the world, literally. So, where is the outrage from the Muslim community for these blatant criminal acts?