Report 39a How Do We Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem

A reader of these posts asked, rightly, “Do you have any practical suggestions as to how to combat this growing clear and present danger?” This was in response to Report 39. I hate it when someone actually requires me to think and back up my premise. Well, I’m up to the challenge.

The current illegal immigration problem can’t and won’t be solved with just a wall and massive round-ups. Those are certainly necessary in the short term. What will ultimately solve the problem is changing the mindset of the American population.

I have often stated and still believe that the downward slope of our education system started when the Bible was no longer used as a reading primer. The lessons that come from that great tome cannot be equaled.

Nikita Khrushchev prophesied back in the ‘50s “We will bury you.” He was not speaking in literal terms, but rather figuratively. The old Soviet ideology, now viewed as the socialist ideology, does not use guns, bombs, or missiles to change the psyche of a country. They do it the way a stream of water erodes its banks, a generation at a time.

Our education system has eliminated the heroic and sacrificial acts of our founders. It has deleted the reasons our founders sacrificed so much for the fledgling country they started. You can ask almost any high school senior or recent graduate of a public school what Thomas Paine is famous for and they would ask what band he played in or what football team he played for. They are not familiar with Common Sense or its impact on the Revolution. Ask them about Patrick Henry’s famous shout that swung the vote in the Second Virginia Convention and they would ask “Who, What?”

The average citizen of this wonderful country does not know about our heritage and why it must be protected; why those coming here legally must assimilate, not the other way around.

Until the average citizen understands the fragility of this Representative Democratic experiment, the problem with illegal immigration will never be fully solved. The solution is currently being sold as an economic problem. It takes billions of dollars to care for, feed, and support the illegal immigrants. This is money that could be used to care for and feed the homeless Americans. This is a legitimate argument but monetary solutions for anything are only temporary. Permanent solutions come from the heart and mind of the average American.

The educational system must be brought back to the fundamental tenets that it had in the 19th century. The tenets that are taught in the Bible. The history of this great nation must be reintroduced into the education system. This is not something that can happen overnight and it will not happen easily. The education “professionals” will go kicking and screaming down that path because it is not the feel-good path.

Maybe my solution to the illegal immigration problem may be too simplistic and too much pie-in-the-sky, but these are the steps that I see as essential to solving not only our illegal immigration problem but a whole raft of other problems as well, but that is a subject for further discussion.