Report 51, Taxes

I’m not an economist but know enough to know what debt is. The feds are starting to talk about shelling out major tax credits as a stimulus to the economy. If they do this the $24T in debt will grow exponentially.

Don’t misunderstand me. I hate all forms of taxes but understand that there are a LOT of goods and services we have come to expect. Bankrupting the country, though, is not the answer. The answer is shutting off the open-handedness of all levels of government. Every time some group comes to a legislative body with a sob story, they throw money at it. This must stop. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows Congress or any state legislature to pay for illegals for ANYTHING except deportation. We have homeless vets that don’t know where they are going to sleep or where their next meal is coming from. These are people who signed on the bottom line to, if necessary, give up their lives for us, all of us.

We have a mental health problem that has been ignored for decades and now these unfortunate people are out there without a lifeline but government entities at all levels are passing out billions every day to illegals.

We are taxed for everything under the sun and watch our legislators give the money away to people who do not contribute to our country and have no intention of assimilating into our society. We even now have a group of congressional “representatives” who advocate that people not go back to work, just live off the dole. That is not America. America is a country where a man or woman can work and keep what they earn. Today, roughly 60+% of all we earn goes out in some form of taxes, whether it is income tax, property tax, sales tax, telephone tax, import tax, or what-have-you tax. If it is out there, some politician is going to tax you on it, irrespective of party.

This has to stop. When he was in Congress, Davy Crockett put it very well, “We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money.” This concept has been lost on our politicians.

Charity is not the only category of giveaways in which our politicians engage. When I think back on the bank bailouts and auto industry bailouts, I cringe. We fought a revolution because of the concept of “taxation without representation.” That’s what we have now. Our federal government passes out our tax money to people who have made bad business decisions because they are “too big to fail.” Wrong, there is no one or no entity too big to fail. No Representative or Senator took a poll to see if John Q. Public approved of the bailouts. They voted to do it anyway.

I have lost faith in the political process and politicians in particular. Professional politicians are out for only one thing, their next election, not the American public and our way of life. Their constituents are not John Q. Public, but rather the major corporations, the home builders’ associations, and the ethnic group that shouts the loudest. Those are the competing factions in our election and tax dole codes.

The idea of supporting ANY politician who has ever supported a new tax or tax increase is abhorrent to me. However, supporting ANY politician who gives our money to those who have never contributed to our society makes me seriously question that politician’s dedication to our country. Politicians, theoretically, are elected to preserve our country. It is past time we hold politicians to this standard.

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