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I look at myself as a fairly tolerant person. Those of you who know me are fully aware that I am also a little more politically active then the average American. Being politically active means that we have to accept that there are multiple views on just about every subject. I try to objectively look at opposing views and accept that there will be differences between mine and those other views. As Americans, we can have civil discourse, supposedly. Since the November elections I have altered my attitude toward what is commonly called “The Progressive Left.”

During the Carter years we of the non-Left persuasion hung our heads and bemoaned the policies, political, economic, and military that put us in a terrible state internally and externally. We were viewed as weak by our friends and enemies. Conservative leaders tried to counter the policies of the progressive movement that really started during the Johnson administration. But never did the conservatives riot or violently demonstrate their/our displeasure of government policies. We engaged in reasoned discourse, mostly to no avail.

Fast forward to the Obama administration. The clearly anti-American policies of the progressives were bemoaned by conservatives. Those true conservatives in Congress tried, once again to no avail, to head off the progressive agenda. Once again, there were no riots or violent demonstrations from conservatives. The progressive agenda advanced almost unabated.

Since the November elections the entire scenario has shifted. The progressives have taken to the streets and turned whole sections of cities into wastelands. I don’t for a minute believe that these cretins are acting spontaneously or are doing it out of concern for the American way of life. I don’t even believe that they are afraid they are going to lose some of their welfare money. They are being recruited just like Microsoft would recruit programmers. The rioters are being hired to riot. They may be considered a counter-American army. There has been fairly credible evidence that George Soros is the employer behind the riots.

As I said earlier, I consider myself to be a fairly tolerant person but since the elections I have come to look at progressives, and they are all Democrats, with a very wary eye. Now when someone tells me that they are a Democrat I tend to steer very clear of them. Just like moderate Muslims, most Democrats are not out there demonstrating and breaking things, but how many of them are calling for the rioters to stop? Not denouncing these activities amounts to tacit approval. That, in my opinion, will lead to very serious confrontations between the progressives and Americans. No, I did not make a mistake in not including progressives in the category of “American.”

When non-Americans like George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg fight so hard to destroy our country it is time for the non-rioting Democrats to stand up to say “Enough is enough.” Will we ever see that? So far, all I am hearing from that wing of the Democrat party is cheers and adulation. The more famous these cheerleaders are, the more they egg on the rioters. The Hollywood cheerleaders are threatening to strike; really? And that’s supposed to change things? Are the riots going to change things? The obvious answer to both is “NO!”

Will there be a point when local authorities activate the militia? It may not be as easy to derive an answer to that question. Remember, the Founders viewed every man as a member of the militia.

Just some thoughts to ponder.

One thought on “Report 30 The Progressive Left

  1. Nice article Dan. It’s important that the voices of freedom are heard, and loudly. On tolerance; First, it’s overrated. Social justice warriors scream “racist” and youpickaphobe any time someone says something they disagree with. They demand tolerance of any and everything while not tolerating any contrary views. We have to ignore the shrill Leftists and recognize them for what they are. They’re nothing short of fascists, communists, and anarchists. We have to reject any totalitarian philosophy as a whole. We cannot tolerate a mindset that is ultimately destructive of Liberty. Just as we would not tolerate an invasion of rats into our homes or communities, we won’t tolerate an invasion of socialists, or progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves, now or in the future.

    As an aside, the fact that Soros gets any traction at all, and somehow has avoided prosecution as a Nazis collaborator, just emphasizes the fact that we live in a socialist oligarchy, and not a Representative Republic as the Founders intended.

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