Report 2: How Aware Are You?

You are sitting at home reading an engrossing novel and you are really in the story. It is late at night and there is a “thump-in-the-night,” that you didn’t notice until the persistent barking of your dog gets your attention. Then you notice the screen door flapping in the wind.

There are four States of Awareness. First is Unaware; this when you are reading that great novel or watching an engrossing documentary on TV. You have absolutely no idea what is going on around you. Everyone has an internal sense or radar that tells them that something is going on around them, whether it is the dog shifting its position while sleeping, or a bad guy is sneaking up on them. Some folks never cultivate the ability to listen to this radar, or they are just not aware of it. This is a very dangerous state in which to live.

The second State of Awareness is Aware. You can be doing all the same activities you normally do during the day, but you are subconsciously listening to that radar. As you walk down the street, you catch some movement out the corner of your eye and subconsciously take note of it. It is not a threat, but you take note of it all the same. Sitting at home reading that engrossing novel, you are still enjoying the story but you are subconsciously tuned into your radar.

The third State of Awareness is Alert. You are walking back to your car after shopping and are in the Aware state. As you approach your car you see a couple of guys just standing near your car. They have not done or said anything overtly to you but you are wary because it is not a normal event. You have just gone from Aware to Alert. At this point you make a decision as to what your action will be if these two guys cross your Threat Threshold. We need to stop here and discuss when you should think about your options and plan them out.

The proper time to think about your options is now, while you are reading this, not when you are leaving the store to walk to your car. This is called mental preparation and puts you ahead of the threat. The proper time to plan is well ahead of the event. You may decide your actions include screaming at the top of your lungs or if you have a personal alarm, getting it ready to use. Or your action may be to run back to the store and find a security officer, if one is available. Your decision may be to draw your legally carried concealed weapon. Whatever the option you have prepared in advance, you must be ready to carry out that option.

That brings us to the last State of Awareness, Alarm. When the bad guys have crossed your predetermined Threat Threshold, you are in the state of Alarm and must execute the option you have decided on. Your action should be decisive and immediate. This is no time for indecision. Remember, you can go from Unaware to Alarm in an instant and that is not the time to be considering your options.

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