Report 3: Strategies to Stay Safe Outside the Home

The world has become a more and more uncertain place. Every day we hear of events that put people in danger. With some awareness of our situations and surroundings we can put a little extra measure of safety in our lives.

One place that seems to be a favorite of criminals is shopping center or mall parking lots. This is especially true from twilight into the evening and night time hours. Some simple steps to enhance your safety are:

  1. If at all possible, don’t go shopping alone. There is safety in numbers. If you have to go alone to a mall and are uncomfortable walking to your car, try to find a security guard to walk with you to your car.
  2. When you are walking around the store or mall, stay aware of your surroundings and those who fill up those surroundings. Make eye contact with the people around you. Don’t try to stare them down. That is considered threatening in our culture, but rather look them in the eye and continue scanning your surroundings.
  3. Be especially vigilant when you are walking to your car. Be observant of people around you. Bad guys don’t like to be looked in the eye. That tells them that you have seen them and can identify them and that you are aware.
    *Note: Keeping your head down looking at the ground or your phone telegraphs the fact that you are a target.
  4. When approaching your car, have your keys out ready to unlock the door. Take a quick look in the back seat to make sure someone has not hidden themselves there. If this is the case, immediately call 911 while you are walking back to the store/mall. DO NOT TRY TO CONFRONT THE INDIVIDUAL.
  5. As you are driving out of the parking lot be aware of cars that may be leaving about the same time and are just behind you. Make a mental note of these cars, especially if there is very sparse traffic.
  6. If you suspect there is someone following you drive to an area of town that has numerous adjacent streets that are well lit. Make three right turns around a block to see if the suspected follower stays with you. If it does, drive immediately to the closest police or sheriff’s station while you call 911 and inform them of the situation.

For additional information, see our Report #2: How Aware Are You?

These are only a few simple tips on staying safe outside the home. For more information contact Falcon Personal Security.